Promise of Fall Harvest Achieved

SevillanoThe promise of a fall harvest has been fulfilled. June drop has come and gone and we did not see the tree release much fruit. That not to say it did not drop some fruit but thanks in part to the pruning changes we made this year it was kept to a minimum. Fresh Olive Harvest is right around the corner and while we do not have a super heavy crop, what we do have is an adequate supply of very good quality fruit.Sevillano

National Agricultural Statistics Service estimates this year’s olive crop to increase 153% over 2011. After spending the morning out in the field shooting some 200 plus pictures those numbers look like they will be pretty close to actual. Last year at this time, I could walk down a row of trees and only find 1 in 20 that actually had fruit on it. It was not much fruit, only a branch or two. But enough about last year…

While most people do not like the hot weather, we love it and you should too. The week or so of 105 plus temperatures kills the olive fruit fly; the heat creates a hostile habitat for these pests. This helps to increase the quantity of fresh olives.

The Penna’s estimates the price per box to decrease Fresh Kalmata Olives$1.00 over last year. Be sure to keep watching our website, we should have Fresh Olives within the first two weeks of September.





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