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Fresh Olive Updates

6/16/2017 update:

This year has all the potential to be a great year for olives.  All varieties have more bloom than usual. If the rest of the Olive maturation goes like it has been, we could have a bumper crop and broken branches.

The olive bloom pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago.  Note that the different varieties are in slightly different stages of bloom.  Some have the flower left, others have already dropped and you can see tiny baby olives.

Prices for the Sevillano and Manzanilla varieties should be close to last year’s prices.  If we get an abundance of large fruit (a likely outcome,) we will offer that at a slightly higher price.  Huge olives that you’ve canned yourself are impressive.  We will not be offering black ripe olives this year due to a multitude of shipping problems we encountered last year.

Even if you are new to curing, if you follow directions, you can cure your own olives.  Lots of options, i.e. spice combinations, let’s you make your own custom Olive.

Please expect higher prices for our premium varieties, Lucques, and Kalamon (short supply, not for beginners).

– Duane


Follow the link below to place an order, if nothing shows as available, then they are not for sale yet.

Buy Fresh Olives

We offer the freshest possible fruit as we are very picky about what we sell.  Fresh black olives are the most fragile of the fresh olives we sell.  There are many ways to prepare fresh black olives.  So if you get some bruised ones, consider frying them in olive oil or baking them to try something new!  Throwing some in a stew or soup is another way they are prepared.  Heat works to reduce the bitterness.