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Greek Olive Omelets

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This recipe is from one of our Foodies, Master Chef Richard Campbell.

I have been making the Greek olive omelets.

First I beat three eggs. Then I add a splash of Sandeman’s sherry, heavy cream, light pinch of sea salt, and heavy grind of telly cherry black pepper in the beaten eggs. I sit the eggs aside.

I start by frying kasseri cheese cubes in EVOO, when the cheese starts to brown, I flip the cheese then add chopped salami, capers, chopped garlic, and chopped Olivasecca Olives, Salt Cured Dried Olives. When the cheese if brown on both sides, I pour off most of the EVOO and add a bit of butter. Swirl it around the pan.

I add the beaten egg mixture and pull and swirl the eggs until they are mostly cooked.

I add sliced tomatoes and fold onto a plate.

I finish with lemon squeezed over the top.

I think that this omelet hits all of my taste areas.

I will try to get a picture but they usually get eaten before they can be photographed…

From our “Recipes of the Foodies of GreatOlives” Facebook page.

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