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New Item! Build Your Own Olive Flavor

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Build Your Own Olive Flavor

Build Your Own Olive Flavor

Have you wanted to cure olives but were not quite sure how? Maybe you missed the fresh olive season, or worse you didn’t cure enough to get you through until next season. Great News! Our new product will allow you make your own olive flavors without having to cure them first. Fresh Olives don’t get much easier than this! These are a great alternative to curing olives and your chance to experiment and perfect your own olive flavor profile. Just to get you started we have included our Sicilian Olive Salad Recipe from our recipe section: https://GreatOlives.com/Buy…

Build Your Own Olive Flavor
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Drain the brine and replace with
fresh water for 24 hrs.
After you have drained the water, crack
the olives with a food mallet or any heavy
object. You need to crack the olives so the
spice flavors infuse naturally into the fruit.
Add 1 large carrot sliced at an angle.
Add 1/2 large onion and 1/2 large red bell
pepper, cutting the onion in 3/8 inch dice
and the pepper in thin julienne cuts.
Mix a marinade consisting of 2 oz.
of extra virgin olive oil and 1 oz. of
quality red wine vinegar.
Then, add to the marinade
the following spices:
Oregano (1 tsp), crushed pepper
(1/2 tsp), garlic (1 Tbls): the spices can
be adjusted to higher levels as per
your taste. Add any other spices; such
as, Anis, Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, or
Mustard Seed per your preference.

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