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Late Harvest Olive Mix (two 5lb bags)

Late Harvest Olive Mix (two 5lb bags)

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Late Harvest Olive Mix

Late Harvest Olive Mix

These olives are a wonderful blend of some of the tastiest small olives you have ever eaten.

A combination of six varieties harvested at their peak maturity, processed separately, then combined to create a marriage of different flavors. Get a full range of olive flavor with this combination of six varieties of olives; Kalamon, Sevillano, Lucques, Mission, Manzanilla, and Redding Picholine (aka Piccolini or Piccolino.) The Picholine is the torpedo shaped olive (but not curved like the Lucques,) has a high oil content, and is also the most flavorful. These are all small olives, which are harder to pit, which means that nicely pitted small olives are hard to come by, however, we specialize in small fruit.

Serving suggestion: These olives can be eaten as is right out of the jar or you can spice them up by pouring the brine out, add your favorite spices to complement the olives,and some olive oil and vinegar, and let that marinate in the refrigerator for a couple of days.


Includes two, five pound bags: each bag is reclosable to ensure they stay fresh from the first olive to the very last olive.



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