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Our Crema Verde is a blend of the finest California Sicilian olives (chopped finely) and extra virgin olive oil delivering this flavorful spread. This is made from our lower salt olives.

Use this for making a unique tuna fish sandwich, stuff some under the skin of a chicken breast, add some to mayonnaise to make olive flavored mayo, add some to your favorite spaghetti sauce or add some to your ground meat when making meatballs, add a little to your next meatloaf to make it your unique recipe, use some in salsa or tartar sauce, make your deviled eggs the talk of the party. This is a product that has so many uses, the only limit is your imagination. If you like to upgrade recipes, this is a "must have" product.

We let our Foodies try this product and they LOVED it. Check out our Foodies recipe page for more information
Recipes of the Foodies of GreatOlives

Here's a comment from one of our Foodies (Silvia Banocy) when we sent her a couple of our spreads to try.

(March 2015) "Yay...tonight I discovered a new favorite...Crema Verde! It is amazing. I made a shrimp fetuccini with garlic and Crema verde. Simple and very delicious. I also had fresh crusty French Bread and spread some on it....Dangerous! It is soooo good. I highly recommend you try it. I did not have to invent a new recipe to come out with a delicious dinner, just adding a delicious ingredient made a big difference. Try it!"

....Picture of dish under "Additional Images" tab.

Here's another comment from one of our Foodies (Peter Gwailo)

"Your Crema Verde green olive spread is spectacular on burgers!"




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